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About Me

Bild von Adam Neuba

"The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and science. He to whom the emotion is a stranger, who can no longer pause to wonder and stand wrapped in awe, is as good as dead." 

                                                          Albert Einstein

My photographic journey began about 14 years ago, with portrait photography. For a long while I was more of an ‘occasional snapper’ with no particular focus and I tried out lots of genres. A bit of landscape photography here, a spot of architecture there, until, finally, the close-up photography awakened my enthusiasm. In contrast to conventional close-up photography, where pictures are often taken of subjects from nature amid their realistic surroundings, I create fictitious compositions using elements from nature.

Very frequently at the focus of my works are small creatures or non-living subjects from nature, which are brought together with industrially produced elements (often made of stainless steel). I try to present this ‘nature versus technology’ contrast to the beholder and dissolve it photographically at the same time, so that the ultimate result of every composition is an aesthetically harmonious unity. To achieve this I use mainly the structures, shapes and colour of the selected elements which, in combining perspective, the right light, plus a minimalist presentation, yield an emotionally engaging overall piece. The clarity and order of the subjects with defined lines and shapes often play a special role in the process.

Sometimes, when arranging my compositions, I restrict myself to a singular object. In this context the focus is always on the subject itself and on the interplay of its specific features with the medium of light.

And yet the actual picture (the photograph) of the self-conceived and crafted compositions represents merely the first step of the artistic work. Only in a second step do I apply targeted digital post-editing in order to generate the final shape of my artistic photographic vision of the piece. The adjustments in the area of light, shadow and contrast are consistently aimed at lending the work my personal way of seeing, as well as at amplifying the desired impact on the beholder.

This step enables me as an artist to find full expression creatively and freely, completely independently of the practical limitations that sometimes come to bear in the real world of close-up photography.


© Copyright



refocus Word Photo Annual | 2023

1 x Silver & 1 x Bronze Award 


European Photography Awards | 2023

Gold Award



MPI IIC Annual Awards | 2022

1 x Platinum, 3 x Gold & 2 x Silver Award

Macro Art Category Winner